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Real Life vs Highlight Reels

Real Life vs Highlight Reels

During my pregnancy, and now as I navigate everything that comes with being a first time mom, I have realized that there is a bit of a hole in the Mommy Blog market and social media in general. I’ve seen so many amazing birth stories which I am beyond thrilled to read. I’ve read countless posts and viewed countless instagram stories and posts of beautifully lit photos of moms laying on their crispy white bed sheets with their coffee in one hand and perfectly groomed children in the other. The mom is usually in pristine athleisure wear with long, glossy, perfectly wavy hair. Although, I do enjoy viewing these photos because they are nice to look at, I just don’t think there is a lot out there on social media that shows the whole story or EVERY story for that matter. I find myself playing the comparison game far too often even though I know what I’m comparing myself to is someone elses highlight reel. And most of all, what about us mothers who don’t have the typical birth story and what about us mommies who did not make it full term…? More on that later.

While we are on the topic of perfectly curated photos let’s also get into entrepreneur life. Ahh the endless photos on facebook and instagram of your friends selling products working from home, or by the pool, or posing on vacation with their family. I am in no way downplaying anyone’s success or effort. I am just here to show another side to the story. Building a bakery is extremely labor intensive. There is absolutely no way around it and I am the only person behind the pictures you see me post on social media. I’m the only person who can reply to messages and emails, do the shopping, teach classes (my absolutely favorite thing to do!) and make every order from start to finish. Sometimes I excel at doing it all but other times I fail miserably. It took me a long time to realize that posting pictures of my macbook and coffee together didn’t make me successful. Or that I wouldn’t be wealthy because I posted one photo of a nice looking cake and got 100 “likes”. I learned the hard way that maybe quitting my job to go all in on a brand new business probably wasn’t the smart way to go about things. I can hear my husband in my ear now with his “I told you so’s”. Pinterest is flooded with #girlboss “mompenuer and #bosslife quotes. It glorifies entrepreneurship so much but I feel like as an entrepreneur we are really failing to show the real story. It’s not easy building a business. As a bakery owner, I cant tell you how many times people have said to me “Wow you are so lucky! Look at you with your own bakery! It must be so much fun to bake all day!” What a lot of people don’t know is that I also work a full time job during the day. I do a great job at posting pictures of the drool-worthy cakes I make (at night after an 8 hour workday) but have you ever seen a photo of me getting ready to head out to my medical receptionist job? That’s a hard no. You see the adorable pictures of my now growing, healthy, happy baby boy but you didn’t see or hear about me sobbing every day as I had to leave him in the NICU and head home every day for 62 days.

On my facebook and instagram feeds you will no doubt see my pregnancy announcement, followed by our gender reveal. Then of course we have some weekly bumpdate pictures sprinkled in there. But what you wont find are any “bumpdates” after I reached 28 weeks, no maternity shoots, and definitely no baby shower photos of family and friends posing with me and my big belly.

If you made it this far into my post, I thank you! I want to show that there is more to life than those perfect photos you see on social media. I’m not saying we need to flood social media with negativity. I’m saying sometimes we forget about how real life can really get. I created this blog to show my journey while I’m busy juggling a full time job, new baby, and building a business that is extremely labor intensive. I’m simply learning how to be the best wife, mama, employee, business owner, daughter, friend (you get the picture) that I can be. You’ll get a little bit of everything on here from business tips that I’m trying, mom and home tips, product reviews, tutorials and more. I’m just learning, documenting, and sharing as I go. I hope you will relate to my realness and we can connect as I continue baking a life!